New App Helps you Save Money on Booze!

- June 20, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


A recent study by DealsToDrink has discovered that alcohol prices vary up to 20-30% from one bottle shop to the next. Lack of consumer price awareness and convenience are considered key factors that are causing this price discrepancy.

To bring the power back into the hands of consumers, DealsToDrink has launched a new mobile application that gives users the ability to find specials and compare the prices on their favourite alcholic beverages across all their local bottle shops. Simply choose a city, select a beverage, and prices from up to six local bottle shops are displayed.

“Like a lot of Aussies, I’m always looking for a special or a deal to save some money. That’s no different when purchasing beer and liquor. So instead of spending your Friday’s looking through the newspaper ads, you can now open up one easy to use app and find all the specials and compare all the prices in one easy place” said DealsToDrink founder, Ross Beard.

The application is available free via a mobile website app, iPhone app, Android app and desktop solution for those who want to browse via their computer.

Since the company’s launch on June 7th , DealsToDrink has seen a significant response from users across Australia, with the website attracting over 4000 unique visitors.

The application has also received positive feedback on Google Play with users praising the app as clean, useful and easy to use.

“The response from users has been amazing, we’ve had over 500 downloads across iPhone and Android, whilst another 1500 people have visited the mobile website directly on their mobile devices” said Beard.

With alcohol prices continuing to rise, and a number of price comparison mobile applications popping up everywhere, it makes sense for a solution that just focuses on alcohol.