Maximise your Marketing Dollar with Localised Guerilla Strategies

- June 8, 2012 3 MIN READ

When Erin Young, founder of Zen Green Tea first discovered Matcha Green Tea Powder she knew that this was a product she wanted to pioneer in the Australian marketplace.  The challenge for Erin though, was that no one in Australia knew about the rare green tea powder which is so famous in Asia and now America for its health benefits.

“I knew that it was going to be hard to pioneer the Matcha market in Australia and that it would be much easier to start a company selling a familiar product. I love Matcha however so  I was far too inspired to consider any other option. I want to educate every Australian on consuming Matcha to help them live with energy, a healthy weight and to prevent the onset of diseases like Cancer and Alzheimer.”

Choosing the right marketing strategy is critically important for any business especially for a cash strapped start up.

“ From a marketing and hospitality back ground, I knew that I needed to educate and brand Zen Green Tea at a localised level where guerrilla marketing strategies is the only method I could really use with my current budget. The first step I took is to get a few retail outlets onboard. I successfully achieved this in Newtown in both Dr Earth and in Hoochie Mama’s café. I then spent time in each of these establishments to get to know the staff, the customers and see what people were buying and most importantly why. I noticed that when customers lined up at the front counters they were quite bored so took the time to read any information or to examine any products in their surroundings. I saw this opportunity so I created a small display for the Matcha Powder and attached information brochures. Educating the staff and offering them free Matcha was also vital as having the staff addicted to my product and aligned with my goals meant that they were more than happy to let me shuffle products around and place my product range in the prime spot! I then assessed when the busiest times were in the stores and I came in and set up sampling sessions for all the customers which saw me reaching a lot of new customers!

I wanted to bring even more new customers into the stores so I really looked at the core strengths of Matcha. I recognized that Matcha is fantastic for promoting concentration and energy so it’s the perfect beverage for stressed students. To target these students I went into the local colleges and set up free Matcha stations in the kitchens of their libraries and left a sign listing the local outlets they could purchase Matcha from. Based on all these localised strategies I saw Matcha sales increase by 500% in these stores and due to strong word of mouth this figure is only going to grow!

“Businesses that take onboard my product range really love that I am in there working with them on gaining customer loyalty, attracting more business and engaging and motivating their employees. I have helped train their staff members on up selling and by getting them to love my product and giving them something to talk to their customers about I am making them feel great about their jobs! I am looking forward to expanding and sustainably growing my business on a localised level but with a globalised goal!”

Encouraged by Zen Green Tea’s success in Newtown , Erin  is now focusing on expanding into other areas and employing the same innovative and localised strategies. She advises any new start ups to really look at their product and to grow a loyal following at a grass roots level.

“Parkinson’s law reigns very true in that 20% of your market generates 80% of your business. Do not stretch yourself trying to expand too quickly, simply focus on maximising the business you have with your current customers which will give you a strong foundation to grow bigger and better as a company.”

Article contributed by Erin Young who is the founder of Zen Green Matcha Tea – a premium matcha green tea powder brand in Australia. To find our more information you can visit her website Zen Green Matcha Tea