Is Digital Publishing the Future of Communication?

- June 21, 2012 2 MIN READ


Digital publishing is becoming more and more popular for small and medium sized businesses providing another way to communicate and stay in touch with customers. The beauty of digital publishing is that it blends the benefits of the online and offline world as a lot of people still love the look and feel of a printed magazine, but do like the idea of saving paper (our trees!) by reading a magazine online.

What is digital publishing?

Electronic or digital publishing is a way of creating information online rather than in print. It is also becoming more common in the distribution of books, magazines and newspapers, a rapidly growing market thanks to Apple’s iTunes and Amazon’s online bookstores.

According to PwC research, digital publishing is tipped to grow rapidly, with on average 25% growth between 2009 and 2013 [Global entertainment and media outlook – PwC].

Mandie Spooner, digital publishing expert and co-founder of emagine publishing (www.emaginepublishing.com) generously shared her advice about how digital publishing can benefit a small business and help not only retain clients, but also stay at the forefront of the digital world.

One of the benefits of digital publishing is that “we can retain our emotional connection with print while enjoying the extraordinary versatility of the web” Mandie states. In fact, digital publishing allows you to integrate videos, animation, music and links to documents or websites which keeps the reader engaged and interactive.

With mobile marketing on the rise, digital publishing is naturally becoming more popular enabling people to read publications on different mobile devices such as the iphone, blackberry and ipad.

“The consumer wants to be able to access all communication channels such as blogs, social media, internet, email at any time using any equipment” Mandie says.

“Distributing your publications digitally saves you money and reaches a large audience through unlimited global distribution” Mandie states. Another bonus is that you can distribute your publications through your social media networks.

What about tracking and measuring success? Most digital publishing tools have reporting functionalities that help you measure what works and what doesn’t so you can keep adjusting your campaigns.

How can you use digital publishing in your business?

Digital publishing is very versatile and depending on your business and marketing objectives, you can use it for magazines, newsletters, books, catalogues, brochures, interactive training manuals, marketing materials…

Digital publishing is the future of communication so why not talk to an expert and discuss options for your business!

The good news is that electronic publishing is no longer reserved for the big corporates with big budgets as it has become much more affordable for small business.