How to be an Effective Leader …

- June 26, 2012 2 MIN READ


Being successful in business requires good leadership skills. One of the main characteristics of a good leader is aggressiveness.  Aggressive leaders know how to get things done in a productive and efficient way.

A good leader is not only aggressive.  Being competent is equally as important as being aggressive.  Here are a few things to help you develop your competency:

Be a good listener.

To be an effective and competent leader, you must listen to your team.  Pay attention to what your team has to say and implement others’ suggestions when appropriate to show them that you value their presence in your team.

Speak your mind.

When you are a good listener, you also must be able to express your opinions. This may encourage your team to do the same and will result in smarter decisions in your business. When you state your opinions, allow yourself to inspire and motivate your team by showing your sincerity and commitment to what you do.

Be positive.

Always look at the brighter side of things even if things don’t go as planned or expected. Be the first person to stand up tall be proactive in coming up with solutions to make the situation better. Your team will see you as a voice of reason and optimism, as well as a source of concrete ideas, during rough times.

Continually educate yourself.

If you want to be a competent and aggressive business leader, you need to continue to learn about your business. Running a business is a continuous learning cycle, as the market changes once in a while.  Take advantage of classes or seminars that are relevant to your business, and stay updated on industry trends and practices. Getting feedback from your team members who are closest to your customers would also help your business survive, because you will be adapting to the changing demands of the market.

In general business, ask for more than you would be happy to accept, and then settle for what you want. Or as I like to put it ‘reach for the stars, but settle for the moon… for now’. If in your opening gambit in any type of negotiations you manage to set your obvious expectations quite above the bar then when it comes down to final phasing you have more than enough wiggle room to end up with what you really wanted in the first place.