Happy 1st Birthday to Shoe String!

- June 1, 2012 2 MIN READ


Wow, we made it. These days it is not easy to make it through the first year in business, We have learnt a lot, We have spent a lot, Then we learnt that we didn’t need to spend a lot and streamlined some stuff and built something myself and my time are extremely proud of. I called Luke last night and said “Hey, did you realise we are 1 year old tomorrow? – Quick Mock up a cake image or something to put on the Facebook wall” This is the cake.

The cake he chose represents our business as it stands right now perfectly. It’s simple, it’s transparent and we are not finished yet! In the last 12 months we have put in place a good structure upon which we intend to build some wonderful products and services during our second year of business. The first year for us was all about building an audience, keeping that audience engaged and making sure the startup community understood our Shoe String philosophy.

I need to say a big thank you to those who have shown their support for us before we even launched Colin Porter, Jen Bishop and the Dynamic Business team who allowed me to pick their brains before we put out our first issue. Dorry Kordahi, Phillip Di Bella, Emma Isaacs, Mark Harbottle, Dean McEvoy, Justus Hammer and the hundreds of others of entrepreneurs and startups we have interviewed in the last year for sharing your stories, your wisdom and encouragement. Every time I had a conversation with you all it motivated more and kept the fire in my belly burning!

I need to thank my “Brizzie Boys” Dan Filmer, Jarrod O’Connell and their team, with whom Shoe String are partners with for Cofounda App, which is currently in BETA and will begin to become a known resource in the startup community over the coming months – watch this space. Big Thanks to my Parents, who support me in everything I do, even though they “don’t get how you make money from a website”

A special thanks to my dear friend Angela Vithoulkas for inspiring me, encouraging me, and brainstorming with me everyday! A Better friend or business partner nobody could ask for! To Rob, Derya and Simon and our network of bloggers and contributors- you guys Rock! And of course Mr Luke Breadon, my Shoe String partner in crime, you are a kick arse designer and I love being in business with you.

Fun Times are ahead, and it’s time to kick this baby up 5 gears and go to the next level, we promise to continue bringing you the best stories, interviews and guest bloggers available. We will also be launching an exciting new part of the business “Shoe String Project Management” in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out.

Oh and we are running events – and not shitty ones either – EPIC ones. Our first will be a massive Snow Weekend where we are teaming up with my man Jack Delosa and his team at The Entourage to take 100 people across Syd and Melb to Perisher and just to keep you excited future events may or may not involve vehicles such as planes and a submarine.

Thanks for Reading guys – Keep reading for another year!

Mat xox


PS. We will have a party at the back end of the month so keep an eye out for the announcement.