Get Over Your Ego!

- June 7, 2012 2 MIN READ


Are you in business to make money, to have fun, or to inflate your ego? If it’s the latter, then make an appointment to see a psychologist before your business fails, and most likely your ego with it. Sure. Once you have a good business I’m not denying that it IS something to be proud of, however if this is a big part of the reason that you starting a business in the first place, then you are getting into it for the wrong reasons.

Businesses require a great teamwork to meet their goals. Teams need effective leadership in order to function properly. An unhealthy ego in business is one of the greatest barriers to effective teamwork. A huge ego decays the effectiveness of teams, and it creates an agenda-driven environment where those with the uncontrollable egos put their needs ahead of the organisation’s goals.

Do not let your business suffer with ego! Be an enlightened leader. The first step to become an enlightened, effective leader is to realise that you don’t have all the answers. Even if you’re the owner of your company, you must keenly understand the two basic facts about any business:

  • The closest to the customers have the answers

Being the owner of your business, you might be busy running the entire company and lack in establishing your own relationship with your customers. Seeking advice and answers from your own team who are actually able to interact with your customers does wonders and will actually give your team and your customers a sense of worth by engaging them to participate in your business’s success story.

  • Two heads are better than one

Once you’ve understood that you don’t have the answers to everything and not everything is all about you, you can begin learning from others’ experiences and points of view.  Your mentors will surely be one of the best people to learn from, aside from your team and customers. Enlightened leaders are always starving for learning.  Truly enlightened leaders believe that they will learn something from everyone, even the receptionist and the janitor, has something to teach them. And they understand that the best way to learn is to listen.

Without some outside help, of course, it will be nearly impossible for an ego-driven leader to change his ways. It would help to assign a peer or even a subordinate to call your attention when you fail to provide humble, servant leadership.  Remember that teamwork and effective collaboration are part of the skeleton of a successful business.