Bear Love Good. Cancer Bad.

- June 12, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Oh my God. I have not laughed my arse off as much as I did today when I was reading The Oatmeals response to competitor website Funny Junk on the legal action they are intent on taking for alleged false accusations etc etc. If you have not read the post – Read it Here Now – so the rest of this piece makes sense to you.

Besides the fact that the response is comical in typical Oatmeal fashion, the interesting lesson that can be learned from this is that a loyal engaged customer base, can do wonderful things for you when you call them to do so. Rather than pay Funny Junk the $20,000 that they are looking for, the owner of the oatmeal instead decided that he was going to try and raise the $20,000 and that he would take photos of the funds raised and send it to them, before donating half the funds to  the Wildlife Federation and the other half to Cancer – Operation, Bear Love Good. Cancer Bad.

After putting the cause up on Indigogo with a brief statement about the background behind the campaign, the owner of the oatmeal has succeeded in raising his $20,000 target and by 2.00pm [AUS Time] yesterday it already had gone over the $70,000 mark with 15 days to go.

Matthew Inman loves what he does, he lives to serve his global audience of hundreds of thousands and this is evident from every hilarious post and comic on his site, and by today’s events his audience love him too.

Talk about an engaged audience.


[photo stolen from theoatmeal.com]