Aussie Startup raises $30K in Day 1 of Kickstarter Project

- June 4, 2012 2 MIN READ


By the time they closed out their first 24 hours of launching their product on Kickstarter on Saturday, Aussie Startup – Collusion had already raised $30,000 or 30% of their goal to take their new invention to the world. Collusion solves writing, drawing and collaboration on the iPad.

“This is a big issue for a good proportion of the 100 Million plus iPad users out there. As the iPad movesbeyond its roots as a media consumption device into classrooms, businesses and enterprise, theimportance of solving this aspect of iPad use is growing quickly.” says Collusion CEO, Robert Yearsley.

“Nobody has nailed how to make the iPad a compelling everyday productivity tool, something you woulduse in place of a notebook and pen, so a little over a year ago we decided to build it, and after a lot of hardwork, we’re very happy with the result” he says.

Collusion comprises a dedicated high precision digital pen, offering the highest available precision of any input device for the iPad, a unique productivity app, and the fastest cloud collaboration service on the planet,developed in partnership with OrionVM, a Sydney based company.

The start­up believes Collusion’s real­time collaborative capabilities are a game changer for tablet adoptionacross Education, Business and Enterprise. “Think of Collusion as Google Docs for writing and drawing”.The implications of using tablet computers in this new way are profound.

Last month Collusion issued an open invitation to preview the technology. About 40 people tried it for themselves at Sydney start­up hub Fishburners ahead of the Kickstarter launch. “When you putsomething this new in the hands of the public for the first time, you never know what might happen. SumeetPatel our CTO was holding his breath for about two hours as people pushed the tech as hard as they could.It worked flawlessly, and the feedback we received from those who tried Collusion was extremely positive. Ithink we’re onto something great.” Said Yearsley.

Collusion launched on Kickstarter with a price point between $99 and $150 with a minimum funding goal of $100,000.