Apple WWDC 2012 Wrap Up!

- June 12, 2012 3 MIN READ


Tim Cook, CEO of Apple INC and successor to the legendary Steve Jobs (Apple cofounder) said “you can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but …” today (3am Sydney) Tim Cook took the stage at his first Apple Worldwide Developer Conference as the CEO.

Since Jobs passed away and Cook was appointed CEO there have been many tests on Cook, would he merely be a copy cat of Jobs or would he stamp Apple Inc with his own personal style, a style that both customers and investors would embrace. Geek or not today’s Worldwide Developer Conference has an impact on the technology you and I use in the future, even if you don’t use Apple products.

Why am I so brazen in this prediction? Well the technology industry is one of catchup and leap frog, today some products Apple released are catchup products others arguably leap frog the current technologies. During the WWDC Tim Cook and his senior team announced:

  • Updated MacBook Air which gets a speed, storage boost, HD Camera, USB 3.0 and more (ships from today);
  • Updated MacBook Pro range which also gets a speed and graphics boost, USB 3.0 and more (ships from today);
  • NEW – next generation MacBook Pro it’s deliciously thin and powerful. It’s the thinnest and lightest MacBook Pro ever built by Apple and has a Retina display. According to Apple it is the world’s highest resolution notebook display. This is a leap frog product for Apple it has arguably the most advanced laptop on the market and even the cooling fan has been reworked for this model.(ships from today);
  • OSX Mountain Lion, the Apple Mac operating system, is not a new announcement entirely but some updated details. Over 200 new features in the next OSX release including deep integration with Apples iCloud service allowing for a integrated synced experience between iOS devices and Mountain Lion machines. AirPlay also sees itself come to OSX letting you stream your desktop to a TV with AppleTV connected – a neat feature for someone that has everything Apple. For those of us that don’t like type it now has built in dictation. Shipping next month and your upgrade is just $19.99.

Oh and just one more thing (yes I thought a Jobs reference was needed) today Apple released iOS6 to developers for testing. iOS6 is the latest operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch range of Apple products. It will be released around October of this year.

According to Apple it also has over 200 new features. A number of these were showcased during the WWDC key note. We could devote a whole article on the new features and we will closer to its launch. There is a lot that promises to be great with iOS6 including:

  •  Siri has been enhanced and now supports local search in Australia (and most countries);
  •  Siri comes to the New iPad (that’s the 3rd generation model);
  • Do Not Disturb feature suppresses notifications and calls and can even be scheduled;
  • Integration with Facebook;
  •  FaceTime (video calls) over 3G;
  • The MAPS app has been totally rebuilt with turn-by-turn navigation; and much more.

What’s this meant to your business? well with all the integration and syncing across devices it should help you be more connected, more efficient and help you get on with what matters most to you, building your business.


Jason realised his passions for customer ser- vice excellence and employee engagement in his early teens when starting his first busi- ness retailing information, communication and technology products and services. Over the following 15 years, he has applied these passions to the banking, financial, retail, tech- nology and government sectors actualising significant revenue growth, increases in client satisfaction and employee engagement.

Jason believes in challenging the status quo, inspiring employees, transforming teams and delivering results. His process reengineering, communication, change management and leadership skills are all enablers to delivering today and in the future.