AngelCube Melbourne

- June 24, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

On a mind-numbingly cold Friday morning, we headed down to one of Melbourne’s hottest co-working spaces Inspire9 in Richmond to have a chat to the all of the Angel Cube crew.

Every friday morning the teams practise and refine their pitches – during which we were lucky enough to sit in, watch and ask questions. For those not familiar with Angel Cube, it’s a 13 week incubator program where teams are given mentorship, early seed capital, and a host of other benefits in the hope of securing early funding at the end of the program.
…and between you and me, I don’t think these teams will have too much of an issue in that department.
So let’s meet these crazy kids:
Online custom tailored clothing for men
Tw: @VinspiAU
Founder: @Ivanmelvin
Online portfolio for app developers
TW: @Kickfolio
Founder: @EDowling
Giveable (formally known as Giftless)
An online resource that understands a person’s interests to helps to provide you with gift recommendations

TW: @giftless
Founder: @noizwaves
Online platform that allows gyms to schedule and cover classes…simply!
TW: @FitIntegrate
Founder: @NicolaJGracie
They turn a brand’s Facebook page into an interactive video.
Founder: @philbosh
There are so many awesome startups and local entrepreneurs in Melbourne that would be PERFECT for Angel Cube – so if you’re just starting out, have an early ‘beta’ product or service or even if think your business needs some extra support, do one thing…clickity clack on this link http://www.angelcube.com/
Peas out.