Working into the night? 7 ways to strengthen your body & mind

- May 2, 2012 2 MIN READ

Often times we are so consumed with growing our businesses that we neglect to help our bodies grow, repair and defend. How many times has a late night in the office translated into a trip to Maccas for a Coke, fries and Big Mac and thus a greasy, hazy feeling the next morning? It should come as no surprise that by investing in your body’s well-being you are actually investing far more than a night at the office and a Maccas run is worth.

I’ve compiled my 7 essential tips to help strengthen body & mind to help get you through the day – and night – at the office or on the go!

1. Drink Water and cut down stimulant drinks.
Why? Water transports nutrients to your brain while stimulants drinks leave you flat after an initial energy boost.

2. Spend 20 mins in the sun daily without sunscreen.
Why? Vitamin D from the sun strengthens you against colds and flu – and against time off growing your business!

3. Build your immune system by cutting out junk and packet ‘foods’ and eat a variety of fresh vegies and greens.
Why? Sickness is time consuming and expensive.

4. Read some challenging material before bed
Why? Reading stimulates creative thought and analysis.

5. Eat Healthy snacks like walnuts almonds and blueberries.
Why? To boost nutrition into your brain.
Note: whole walnuts look amazingly similar to our two-sided brains – literal brain food!

6. Exercise: run, jog or bike ride daily.
Why? Exercise floods your brain cells with oxygen and nutrients leading to a boost in mental energy and clearer thinking.

7. Take quality vitamins and mineral and green superfood food supplements.
Why? By filling in nutrient gaps you are fueling your most valuable (and expensive!) asset … YOU!

Have a question on how nutrients can affect your body & mind for the better? Hit us up in the comments section below!