Why you Need a Mentor – Now!

- May 22, 2012 2 MIN READ

Every entrepreneur should have a mentor because having one can help you manage your business better. There are a lot of available resources in the internet like industry developments, business journals and other related news to your business.  In some cases, your friends, family and network contacts also serve as good references in handling your business.

However, only an “official” mentorImage will be able to help you in thoroughly analysing and forecasting the situations of your business, as their advice will be based on their past experiences, thus it allows you to come up with smarter decisions.

Don’t be afraid to go right to the most amazing person you can think of. Celebrity mentors or people that are at the top are often there because they are compassionate. If you can get even two minutes with such a person and leave them with a positive impression on your product or service they may want to help you, or at least find someone that can. Think about the power of word of mouth communication and what circles such people run in. Those two minutes you invested could generate multiple conversations among several groups of people.

Once you’ve decided on getting a mentor, choose someone who has experience in your industry and can impart their wisdom on a regular basis—someone who is passionate about what you are doing and is excited about your opportunity.  Then when they agree to mentor you, keep in mind that you’re asking a favour.  Show them, and assure them, that you are serious and will respect their time.

In Australia I have a whole host of mentors that I try to catch up with every few months. Some I treat as advisors, board members or strategic investors. Some I just catch up with and ask them questions. Mentors are GOLD!

Stop slaving away for other people. Achieve work-life freedom and realise your entrepreneurial dreams.


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