The Successful Business Bible

- May 31, 2012 2 MIN READ


Establishing a successful business is a calling, because a successful business is a product of a simple idea that is brought to reality by passion and dedication. Everyone has it within themselves to be a superstar. If, in your mind, you are thinking small then that is all you will achieve. However, if in your mind, you are thinking you’ll be the biggest and the best then that will be the mindset that makes those dreams a reality in your life. Never think that you aren’t capable of doing a tough job. If you think you are, then you are. And, if you think you aren’t then you won’t be.

Aiming high in your business goes beyond getting your target clients’ attention.  Of course getting out there and creating an awareness that you exist is an important factor when you are starting your business, however once you’ve succeeded in getting noticed, the real question is, will you survive?  Here are some habits that you need to develop to help you succeed in business:
Be customer centric
Your unwavering commitment to your customers is a significant factor to your success. This     commitment encompasses a mindset of understanding the customers’ world. Understanding the customers’ wants and needs provides the business with a greater opportunity to earn a loyal customer base.
Humble Honesty
A successful business requires you to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Being open and honest about yourself and your business creates growth as an individual and as a team. Focus and build your strengths, instead of focusing on developing your weakness.  So take time to know yourself and your business.
Your business must be able to adapt with changing situations.  The world of business is full of twists and turns even when we have plans.  Be brave to make choices and decisions that will adapt with current situations in the market. Being flexible allows us to respond to changes without being paralyzed with fear and uncertainty.
Balanced Lifestyle Management
Your business might consume your time especially when you are just starting. Business success requires the habit of balancing all aspects of your life. Separating time for daily business tasks, profit driven tasks, and free time is a habit that will make your business and life more enjoyable. Take the time to plan each week.
Act with your passion and determination
The intensity of your passion in your business reflects the amount of success you gain.  If you are passionate with what you do and you put your heart into it, making it bigger than yourself, you become dedicated with your craft.  Thus, this reflects on your business, making you exceptional.