The Startup Paying you to be a Customer!

- May 28, 2012 2 MIN READ


On average, I have moved homes about once every two years whilst I have been renting in Sydney, and there is nothing more painful than all those calls to 100 different suppliers to have this switched, and that turned off and an alternative to some other thing because it is not serviced in your new area – Pain! Which is why I was excited about this new service, that launched last week.

Bundl.com.au launched this week in a bid to be your supermarket for essential services. The startup is rewriting the rules of marketing and customer loyalty by paying every customer real cash rewards when they select and purchase their electricity and gas from a range of suppliers through Bundl. The company utilises facebook and twitter integration to help spread the word about the new business, and pays customers even more cash rewards when they share their Bundl purchases and invite friends to join them on the platform.

“We have created a single, easy to use destination for services we need everyday. You are free to choose from a range of suppliers, but we don’t bombard you with information overload,” said Jason Scott, Bundl co-founder and Head of Operations. “Bundl is bringing real value to consumers by offering great deals and topping it off with cash rewards.”

Several electricity and gas retailers including Australian Power & Gas have launched on the Bundl platform, with more arriving in the next week. Mobile phones and internet plans are coming soon.

Jon Rout, co-founder and Head of Sales explains the decision to launch with electricity and gas; “We know that many Australians are hurting because of rising electricity prices. Now seemed like the right time to launch a product that helps people take a good look at what they are currently paying for their electricity, switch to a better plan, and pocket some cash at the same time.”

Oh and when you share with friends – Bundl rewards you with more cash!