The Small Business Party? #Auspol

- May 3, 2012 2 MIN READ


There is movement at the station – well the small business scene at least and the message is very clear. They are sick and tired of all the lip service and the lack of action that happens when it comes to small business at a government level. To be honest I don’t blame them, sure there are a few business owners within politics, but the vast majority are completely out of touch with what it takes to run a business.

There are over 1.9 million businesses registered in Australia, and up until now we have not done a very good job of raising our voice and being heard. Considering we are the back bone of the economy running I find the notion that people have remained unheard for so long confusing – but I suppose when you are spending everyday thinking about how the hell bills, rent and employees will be paid you don’t have much time to invest in politics and therefore we just cop it on the chin and soldier on.

But there is a change coming and it is starting at a local level, last night the “Living Sydney” party of independents had their launch and declared that they will be running against Clover Moore in the upcoming local elections. All of them are small business owners from different industries and at the heart are fighting for small business. [we have a Q&A lined up with them in a few weeks time to discuss their platform]

Like most things in business, this I believe is the catalyst for an actual “Small Business” political party to be formed, the people leading this local challenge will inspire other business owners to collaborate and make sure they have a say in what happens from now on. Only around 350 of the eligible 30,000 plus businesses in the City of Sydney actually vote in the local elections, we have not looked in depth at other suburbs and cities yet – but I would imagine them to be pretty similar.

I think that it is time Small Businesses of Australia, time for your BUSINESS [not personal] vote to really make a difference in local, state and federal policies that affect your business. Yes we are time poor and a lot of us are struggling at the moment, but if we pull together – shit will start to happen. But we need to get the ball rolling.

And we need all industries involved from trades and Services, to Retailers and Hospitality, Consultants and White Collar professionals. We are all part of the SMB eco-system.

I’m Keen – Are You?