The scary ‘F’ Word that Entrepreneurs Hate!

- May 10, 2012 3 MIN READ


Oh yeah .. You’ve done it! I’ve done it! Even Bill Gates has done it!

It’s that scary ‘F’ word that business people freakin’ hate sooooo much, as much as a fat kid hates broccoli.  Aha, you may have guessed it; the ‘F’ word I’m talking about is FAILURE!  Ooohhh .. I can feel you shudder at the mere thought of it, but hey, that’s all about to change!

The thing is (and you NEED to hear this), failure is as natural to an Entrepreneur as extreme hot-air ballooning is to Richard Branson. Failure is totally necessary in every Entrepreneurs life, and is totally unavoidable! Yep, you heard ME right; Failure is totally necessary and unavoidable!!!  But wait a second, before you go rocking in the foetal position, sucking your thumb like a baby under your desk .. it aint all bad news. No, it’s not!

Over years and years of coaching all types of people, including many Entrepreneurs, I’ve heard hundreds of personal stories of failure. From failure in business, to failure in marriage, to failure in personal goals, to what seems like failure in every area of a person’s life. And every time I hear someone go on and on and on about their failures of the past, it’s kind of my job to tell them to ‘shut up, let it go, and move the hell on!

Now you may be thinking that I’m not very empathetic here, but hey, I’ve had my fair share of personal failures in the past too: 12 year marriage ended in divorce (tick), half a million buck investment gone kaput (tick), passion-filled business down the tube (tick), lost my home due to loss of marriage, loss of money and loss of business (tick), near bankrupt (tick). I mean come on; I think if there’s someone who’s become a Failure Expert, I would have been close to getting a Big Fat Failure Sash.  However at the same time I want you to know that I’d be proud to wear it because I know that Failure is an important part of the Entrepreneurial process – and life itself.

Why? Because WE ALL FAIL! That’s a given. I mean no-one starts a small business hoping it’s going to fail, however 90% of small businesses close their doors in the first 12 months. And no-one gets married believing they’ll divorce (unless you’re a Kardashian! *kapow*), yet over 50% of marriages are doomed to end up in splitsville.  So failure is NOT the problem here, it’s our reaction to failure that is. The secret to Entrepreneurs who are Super-Successful and Super-Rich (I’ve coached quite a few of them, so I should know) is that they don’t stay STUCK in the failure, they instead learn from the experience, surrender the crap that went with it, and charge forward like a bull at the gates!

What I have learnt as well over the last decade or so listening to my clients is that there is a definite theme to Failure becoming a habitual pattern. So I thought it was time to write ‘The 11 Laws of Failure’ (which I’ve turned into a business coaching program to be super-effective) and teach people what NOT to do, so they can move forward and succeed like they’re supposed to do.


Here’s a brief overview of the reasons Why We Fail? (If you’d like the more detailed e-document about The 11 Laws of Failure – all you have to do is email me@mariaelita.com and we’ll get it to you asap.)

1. Non-existent, or Inappropriate Coaching/Mentoring / Success System! We ALL need Help – The End!

2. Self-Belief Limitations and Social-Attitude Restrictions. Your mind’s limitations can be your own worst enemy!

3. Lower Vibrational Energy Habits. Low Energy is Poisonous to Success!

4. Self-Doubt & Distrust in one’s ability. If you can’t Trust You, Success goes down the loo!

5. Allowing your ‘past stories’ to limit your ‘future possibilities’. Being Stuck in the Past, Brings Failure Fast.

6. Using Mind over Gut. Refined Gut instinct is the #1 Success Superpower!

7. Lack of Transparency. Secret to Success is to have NO secrets!

8. Do not know how and when to Surrender. Let Go to make way for Positive Flow!

9. No ‘KAPOW’ factor. If you are Boring, there is ZERO Soaring!

10. Not understanding true direction/purpose. Purposeful Living is an Inside Job!

11. Choosing the struggle-mind over Miracle-Mindedness. Your Drama, Your Karma!


Maria Elita is THE MIRACLE COACH! . ME is an internationally published author, self-development speaker, media personality, social media celebrity and super-hot granny (yes a grandmother!). She has personally coached hundreds of people from all around the world (including Celebrities & Entrepreneurs), and has impacted the lives of thousands. In 2011 ME was seen on Channel 7’s THE ONE, displaying her award-winning intuitive talents.