The new Legal Startup for Startups!

- May 3, 2012 2 MIN READ


US-based technology legal startup, Snapterms, is making a splash in the online business world – and they did it with very little marketing or initial capital output. The premise behind snapterms is simple: lawyer-drafted, custom website terms of service and privacy policy contracts at a low cost. Between the “new” economy, in addition to several national and international Internet regulations on the horizon, Snapterms picked an opportune time to launch their streamlined website agreement service.

The brainchild of respected Arizona-based Internet lawyer, Aaron Kelly, and Mike Kolb, a tech entrepreneur out of Florida, Snapterms launched lean in February with a website and special offer on startups.com.

In the three short months since the company made its debut, they have prepared hundreds of custom website agreements for individuals and businesses around the world; without the help of a media relations team, the promising upstart scored a glowing review on the front page of Tech Crunch; in addition, they’ve hired several new lawyers to keep up with the demand.

“The Wild West days of the Internet are on the way out,” explained Kelly, “legislators and governing bodies are keen on regulating certain aspects of Internet communication and commerce, so it’s more important than ever to have sensible, sound terms on your website. These days, a free TOS on your website can land you in the middle of a litigation nightmare, so we figured out a way to give people the legal protection they need without emptying their wallets.”

Snapterms’ packages start at $149, for an agreement perfectly tailored to your operation, and are usually completed within a week. Though at the moment the service is really only good for the US.

Looking forward to someone creating a similar service here in Australia. When I look at some of the dodgy templates used on some startups websites here, I shudder.