The Most Important Pitch of Your Life!

- May 15, 2012 2 MIN READ


Before you launch into developing a sound business plan to pitch to investors, you need to develop the most important plan of all… Pitching to your significant other.

In my case it was my wife, who over the years had listened to her fair share of my crazy ideas and schemes and had come to realise that, that is all they were…just crazy ideas. Never had I actually acted upon any of these ideas or endeavours…as far as she was concerned I was all talk!

However, late one night as I was watching Desperate Housewives with my wife my mind began to wander, despite it being a obviously top notch show, and suddenly I had one of those light bulb moments and I ran off to the toilet to ponder this idea further. If you are reading this and you have had one of these ideas yourself you will know that it consumes you, excites you, and basically makes it near impossible to sleep.

It took a few weeks of research and finetuning before my spark of an idea had grown (inside my head at least) into an idea of epic proportions, the sort of thing that Hollywood would at least make a minor television movie about. I decided that this idea was different and if it were to evolve I would need to at least try and get my wife on board….and again I started having restless nights.

My biggest fear was that my wife would laugh at my idea, kick me in the groin, and then she would run off with my best friend…and then they would steal my idea and make millions. So I decided that I would be smart about how I would approach her with the idea. As it turned out, I ended up putting more effort into telling her about my business idea than I did asking her to marry me.

So one night after I had finished washing all the dishes while she watched Desperate Housewives I sat down next to her with my laptop and gave the best elevator pitch I have given in my life…I waited in anticipation for the laugh (while secretly protecting my groin) but instead she started asking questions. She was impressed that I had put all this effort into my idea and had presented something to her that was potentially achievable.

So here I am 12 months down the track, just about to launch my website and I am thankful that I took that opportunity to pitch the website at an early stage to my wife. It forced me to focus my idea and fine tune it at an early stage and gave me a great basis to eventually develop a business plan.

It can take family and friends a while to understand your idea but they can be the best mentors in the early stages of the business endeavour. Just remember that they can only understand what you tell them about the business. This can be hard in the concept stage because if you are anything like me the whole idea is an ever evolving entity that lives in your head and often and is too big to be able to put it into coherent words.

My advice…Don’t dwell on it…Just do it…what’s the worst that could happen… And if someone does laugh at your idea…Laugh with them and then quietly plot your revenge…