The Funding Games – 4th 500Startups Class!

- May 11, 2012 2 MIN READ


We must say we are extremely impressed and proud of what members of this years Startmate class are getting up to overseas. 500Startups began their 4th incubator class at the beginning of April and Aussie Startup – Happy Inspector was one of the ones chosen. The above video was made by 500Startups founder and Investor David McClure as a bit of fun and a promo to welcome the new crew. “The Funding Games” is a parody of movie “The Hunger Games” for those hermits like me that don’t get out to the movies much.

Below is the Full List of the new 500Startups Class – Very Impressive Bunch!

  • ActivityHero – Yelp for kids activities
  • Bluefields – Intelligently organizing recreational sports
  • Bombfell – A monthly subscription service for men’s clothing
  • CardFlick – Create and share beautiful digital cards
  • Chalkable – An app store for school and a platform to make those apps work
  • Fontacto – Virtual phone system for entrepreneurs and SMBs in Mexico & Latin America
  • Groupiter – Adds group conversations to the files you share on Dropbox
  • Happy Inspector – An app to revolutionize inspections
  • Ingresse – Brazil’s first social ticketing company
  • Monogram – Flipboard for fashion
  • PocketOffice – An app to help grow your small business from your smartphone
  • PublikDemand – Helps consumers launch viral complaints against big companies
  • ReClipIt – Social catalog for coupon and deal lovers
  • Sqoot – Provides a daily deal API, like Twilio for local deals
  • Storypanda – Next-gen interactive iPad kids books
  • Teamly – Helps teams by stay focused, collaborate better, and celebrate their achievements
  • TeliportMe – Lets users create high-res panoramas anywhere
  • TenderTree – Helps families find a caregiver for the elderly or disabled
  • TieSociety – A try-before-you-buy subscription service for men’s neckwear
  • Timbuktu Labs – An iPad magazine for you and your children
  • TokyoOtakuMode – A place to share Japanese otaku culture, like manga and anime
  • Toshl – Super easy personal finance manager and bank data aggregator
  • TwitMusic – Helps musicians effectively share & promote their music on Twitter
  • UmbaBox – A monthly subscription service for discovering handmade women’s goods
  • Uscoop – A social commerce platform for young style influencers
  • Wanderable – Honeymoon registries for couples who want experiences
  • Yogome – Fun & educational games for kids aged 6-12 on the iPhone & iPad