The Birth of Hostile Bacon

- May 3, 2012 2 MIN READ


What happens when 2 people with backgrounds in sales, advertising, photography and a mind full of ideas sit on a red couch on a winters day? The start of a company called Hostile Bacon Pty Ltd.The directors at Hostile Bacon, Peter Baumann and Reena Narayan set out to create a company with various income generating streams. Current Hostile Bacon projects include an e-commerce website for people looking for unique products, being agents for Papier d’Armenie and App development. Working with a shoestring budget the pair started with free online resources such as Google Docs, Freshbooks and Podio to help them build and manage the business during it’s infancy.The Hostile Bacon website was the next step for Reena who initially made scarves, artwork and jewellery for herself and then as interest from other people grew, so did the need to have a more organised way to sell products. The site began with a small range of handmade items and now includes a much larger range of products sourced from Australia and overseas, made by hand and man using machines. www.hostilebacon.com.au is the place to shop for fashion and lifestyle products that are unique in design and function, a place to find gift ideas for all occasions.Papier d’Armenie, a unique and natural room deodoriser, was given to Reena as a gift years ago and when it came time to replenish stock it wasn’t as easy as you would imagine. Going directly to the source in France, Pete and Reena built a relationship and the trust required to become agents for Papier d’Armenie in Australia and New Zealand. Papier d’Armenie is a trusted brand in France and has been used in homes to remove odours for over a 120 years. It is a natural and chemical free alternative to what is currently available in the Australian marketplace. After years in the advertising industry, Pete saw the pain small and medium businesses suffered trying to understand the effectiveness of their advertising efforts.  “I was constantly speaking to businesses owners who didn’t know which ads or promotions where generating calls from customers”. Determined to help, Pete has developed the Ad Tracker App, which is due for release on iTunes in May.  After simply asking the potential customer how they heard about their business, the businesses owner can record it directly into their phone for tracking and later reporting.The Ad tracker app will help you identify where the advertising dollars you spend is working effectively for you.Meetings are had and decisions are still made on the couch were the idea for Hostile Bacon was born. The product range on hostilebacon has recently expanded to include homewares and Reena is eagerly awaiting a delivery of knits that are also new to the fashion collection. The Ad Tracker App will be available to download in soon and Pete is in the research phase for his next App idea.