The Australian Society of Entrepreneurs

- May 2, 2012 2 MIN READ


The Australian Society of Entrepreneurs are an entrepreneur organisation that started in May 2011, They have grown to a national body with three chapters in Australia (Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney) and Hong Kong. They are on a mission to drive entrepreneur innovation, education, development and networking, utilising online and offline events.

They are currently in the process of launching an entrepreneur magazine and a new networking online platform specifically for entrepreneurs, to enable more awareness about entrepreneurship in Australia. As word travels through the entrepreneurial community more and more members are joining each day – creating a strong and likeminded movement.

They are also closely working with the Frank Team and in 2011 were the official partners for Australias GEW (Global Entrepreneur Week) events with a goal this year to top 100 events within the week in Nov 2012.

The Founder and CEO Adam Matthews is a passionate and driven entrepreneur with a number of small business and venture startups under his belt. Adam has taken on the illustrious task of bringing together with a unified vision, to collaborate and assist entrepreneurs develop and understand the skillets required to compete in today’s digital world.

The Society holds a number of events each month and members are welcome to attend any of event. The venue and organising of these events are managed by chapter leadership teams. Each chapter is assigned a Chapter President who is in charge of the day to day running of events, booking venues, seeking partnerships, sponsorships and more. Specifically the company is now entering its next phase establishing funded events, programs and larger audiences including linking with a number of investing companies.

The Australian Society of Entrepreneurs is one of the fastest growing entrepreneur organisations in Australia with over 1000 active members and a following of more than 60,000 worldwide. The founder Adam Matthews and his team are dedicated to developing entrepreneurs and start-ups in Australia with a number of events expected to be a big success in 2012, including the society’s first birthday event with dance acts, a comedy hypnotist and more entrepreneur discussions around the GEW and the future direction of the Australian Society of Entrepreneurs. This event is expected to draw a crowd of around 350 entrepreneurs,  business  owners and is open to the public on June 27th in Melbourne.

The start-up is now preparing for its next phase of seed funding and investment from sponsors and angels with an expansion strategy and international interest, we will be hearing a lot more about the Australian entrepreneur organisation, there is no doubt.

Their site is a unique collaboration in itself, syndicating with entrepreneur news and blogs from around the globe, constantly updated in real time with everything relevant to business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups. This is a hive of activity and currently free to subscribe for daily digests.