The Aussie Pirates Starting Up!

- May 7, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


By the back end of next year the Blueseed Startup Ship could be a reality especially with the backing of some serious Silicon Valley investors.

Blueseed is a conceptual floating island-ship that will have the purpose of hosting technology startup founders and employees only 30 minutes from California’s northern coast. The founders plan to open the ship to inhabitants by the third quarter of 2013. Because the ship will be located 30 minutes outside California in international waters, a visa is not needed, allowing them to attract the talents of foreign entrepreneurs to international entrepreneurs.

The ship has not been completed yet, but already over 100 startups are already chomping at the bits to be first on board and get a piece of the action. The fact is this ship gives both investors and entrepreneurs access to the Silicon Valley tech scene being such a short trip from the California Coast. Australia seems to be where about 6% of the interest is coming from followed by India and the United States.

Rent to live on the ship works out to be pretty similar to what a person in San Francisco has to pay: around $US1600 a month. Providing you are will to bunk up. The price includes both living and office space, but will range from $US1200 for a shared cabin, and runs up to $US3000 for a “deluxe” cabin.

Ferries will shuttle entrepreneurs from the ship to Silicon Valley daily, and Blueseed says it will help those from outside the US enter. Blueseed are currently now looking at incubator programs that could possibly run on board the ship – and this could represent another great opportunity for the Aussie Startup scene.