Startup Scene: The 10 Essentials!

- May 22, 2012 2 MIN READ


Once a month we’re going to be asking a member of the startup community “What are your 10 Essentials?”

This month we asked Alan Jones, of The New Agency, what 10 things he can’t live without. First, a little about Alan:

Since 1995, Alan has had founded and co-founded multiple web and mobile
startups, as well as senior management experience in larger companies including Yahoo!, News Digital Media and Microsoft. He now mentors and invests in new Australian startups through Startmate and Pollenizer Ventures. He is a co-founder of digital agency The New Agency, a director of Bugherd, a co-founder of PilatesSource, and one of the co-founders of Trainerplatform. He’s also the Social Media Director for TEDxSydney.


Onto the essentials:

1. iPhone 4S – Of all the devices I could take, it has the most flexibility.  It can be a phone, an iPod, a video and still camera, a GPS, a web browser, TV/movie screen, e-book reader, work tool and gaming platform.

2. Charger -Without it my iPhone wouldn’t last more than a day!

3. Sid Marty’s “Men For The Mountains” – Sid’s books are full of good people living at one with their natural environment and trying to help others do the same.  Fills me with peace, light and space every time I re-read it.  Working in our industry, we could all use a little more light and space.

4.  13″ 250gb MacBook Air – Keeps on trucking longer, weighs less and does just about everything I could want from a laptop.  Bright screen, connects to most things if you carry a few adapters. SSD 250gb is enough to get stuff done and is always spun up.

5. Brooks Cascadia 7 – I’ve worn three generations of Brooks Cascadia trail running shoes, each through approximately 500km of wet, muddy, hot, cold and dustry trails during training for and competing in WildEndurance and OxFam Trailwalker events. So far, not a single blister, skin splint or hurt knee.  They keep me stable, don’t let me slip, and when I have to run through a creek crossing, the water goes right back out through the mesh.

To see the rest of Alan’s essentials, checkout the full 10 Essentials page via the Semblance Systems blog!