Startup of the Month: Suredata!

- May 3, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Not that long ago Andrew & Silvana ran a business from home like many Startups do and didn’t think anything of turning the dishwasher on one day on our way out only to come back an hour later to a house on fire and an office pretty much wrecked. No lives lost but lots of irreplaceable digital data was gone for good!

You see, they were in the business of IT and Disaster Recovery for big corporates that had millions to spend and not the SOHO that didn’t. So they started Suredata with the aim to make data backup & recovery easy & affordable. Well fast forward a couple of years and that has ALL changed – they got through their loss, and are Backup Evangelists – Silvana even calls herself  ‘The Asset Protector’ and speaks at Small Business events about the importance of backup and how easy it can be.  You can even find her in a custom made super hero suit saving data one business at a time.

People in business quite often underestimate the value in the data they have in their business, for small businesses it is just as important as it is for the big guys. Actually more, because you have more at stake and probably don’t have the funds to have multiple backup systems and server rooms.

This industry is growing at a rapid pace now and Suredata are setting themselves up as the Australian leaders in this space.