Now you can even Outsource your Networking!

- May 28, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Aussie Startup 8Contacts aims to revolutionise the networking industry with their new solution that allows time poor people, wanting to connect with likeminded individuals to get a professional networker to do all the hard work for them.

“8Contact members pay professional networkers a set consultation fee for their 90 minute networking consultation to discuss their objectives and connect them to 8 or more contacts directly” says cofounder Sean Grobbelaar.

There are six levels of payment for the professional networker’s consultation fee. The networker’s consultation fee will advance to a higher level (and pay) with every positive feedback and rating from their networking consultation. Members can filter their networkers search according to the networker’s level (fee), industry, location and expertise.

Members must pre purchase the consultation to confirm the meeting, however the client only releases the payment to the networker once the networker has connected them to 8 or more suitable contacts. The money is automatically released after 27 days if the client has not made any complaints. Once the client releases the payment, the Networker is paid 80% of the networking consultation fee. The 20% is the sites commission to maintain, market and further develop the website. All payments to the Networker occur through PayPal on a Monday or Thursday of every week.

The concept is interesting and it is gaining traction, it will be interesting to watch this one over the coming months and see where things go.