New Blogging Tool – Cranky Ads!

- May 17, 2012 3 MIN READ



Local entrepreneur and international blogging pioneer, Yaro Starak, has just officially launched his brand new enterprise,  CrankyAds, a plugin and advertising management system that helps bloggers earn money from their blog by selling online advertising to sponsors.

According to Mr Starak, the new business model has met by the international blogging community with overwhelming enthusiasm.

He said the concept of CrankyAds was to create a fully automated system that enabled bloggers around the world to install and manage advertising campaigns on their WordPress blog.

“Since I started my blog, Entrepreneurs Journey, ten years ago, I have always earned between $1,500 and $3,000 per month in advertising. This alone allowed me to never have to work full time in a job,” he said.

“However, in saying so, I identified a very clear gap in the market. Accessing interest from potential advertisers was not easy in the beginning, and physically placing the advertising campaigns was another technical headache altogether, and something I have had to how to do learn over time.”

Mr Starak hopes that CrankyAds will provide the answers to these challenges, by allowing bloggers to rotate banners, text links and video ads on their blog, set price and duration for campaigns and allow sponsors to purchase campaigns directly from the blogger’s site.

In the long-term, and with the help of investor support, Mr Starak plans that CrankyAds will ultimately better match niche blogs with niche sponsors, using unique technology, that helps companies find the best sites to promote their products and services on.

“If the advertiser finds the right audience, then they can earn a better return on their advertising dollars spent. Advertisers will then keep their campaigns on blogs going longer, so bloggers have a more dependable income stream. It’s a win-win relationship that I hope CrankyAds can facilitate for thousands of bloggers and advertisers.”

While Mr Starak maintains a high profile among the international blogging community, he is largely unknown as a young Brisbane entrepreneurial genius.

Since beginning his online career in 1998, Mr Starak has created, managed and sold several different Internet businesses since 1998 and has taught thousands of people how to make a full time income from blogging part time, and how to launch online information products. In total, he has generated over one million dollars from the Internet.

“The first online ads I sold were for my very first website, which was essentially a forum for fans of a card game I played at University. I sold banner advertising to sponsors, mostly card game shops in Australia. They paid me about $50 a month to place their banner on my site. Some also paid $100 to place an advertisement in the newsletter I sent out to all the members of the card trading forum.”

By the early 2000s, Mr Starak’s website was earning between $500 and $1000 a month. However, eventually Mr Starak lost interest in the card game and sold it for $13,000, then used that money to start an online editing service, work that he outsourced. After a few years this business earned him a salary of $50,000 a year.

Mr Starak’s next project in 2005 was his hallmark venture, Entrepreneurs-Journey.com, that he still runs today. Over time, Mr Starak started to experiment on multiple ways to generate income through this business, including banner advertising and marketing products belonging to other bloggers.

In 2007, Mr Starak created his first training program, Blog Mastermind, and found himself teaching 400 eager students from around the world. At this time, he was earning $15,000 a month from the program alone.

Mr Starak is confident that his new business is on the right track to change the blogging industry for the betterment of bloggers and advertisers alike.

“We soft-launched CrankyAds a few months ago, and already have 1,000 bloggers signed up to use the ad management tool. In addition, we have helped bloggers sell over $10,000 in advertising, so this tells me that we have created something that is in great demand by the blogging community.”

Mr Starak and the CrankyAds.com team are currently reviewing options for capital raising.