Make yourself accountable to Someone, Even as the Boss!

- May 29, 2012 2 MIN READ


Accountability plays a big role in every business.  It is one of the strongest driving forces in maximizing your ability to work to your potential.  While inemployment, accountability is structured through bosses and supervisors, if you are running your own business, being accountable to someone helps you accomplish your short-term and long-term goals.

Whether it be a business partner, family member, mentor or board of directors; be personally accountable to someone. Tell them about each and every one of your goals and ask them to keep you accountable. Sometimes having a list of goals only you are staring at only motivates so far. Having another person out there that is expecting you to be updating them on your success can make all the difference in how you plan to tackle those goals, thus making it more likely you’ll be reaching them faster and more often. It is also important to take an inventory of yourself as you take your steps in achieving your goals.  Ask yourself questions regarding your overall work situation and your manner of progress in your daily tasks.   More importantly, ask feedbacks from those you’ve made yourself accountable to.

Accountability can be very tricky when you are your own boss, so exercising firm discipline in making all the day-to-day decisions in your business is an imperative to achieve your accountability. The word discipline may not be everyone’s favorite word, but it takes you to places where talent will not.  Discipline is a skill that can be developed, and once developed, becomes a habit.

Avoiding distractions does wonders when you are at the course of developing disciplinein your business.  Certain instances may require you to shut the door, switch your phone off or be at places where there can be lesser distractions.  You need to focus on your goals in order to achieve those accomplishments that you have made yourself accountable to someone.

When you are accountable to someone else, for doing what you said you’ll do, you engage the power of social expectations, therefore, you get stuff done because your accountability reflects the integrity of the person you want to be.



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