Launch: The Kiss it Better Bag!

- May 8, 2012 2 MIN READ


The Kiss It Better Bag is a family first aid kit, in a convenient wallet size; a travel essential especially on aeroplanes, with the contents approved for carryon luggage. Holly Edgar of Victoria couldn’t have been happier to find her wallet tucked in a nappy bag, when her son Finley, 2, had an in-flight injury.

“Taking Finely on his first flight had filled me with nerves” Edgar says “We packed his back pack with toys, treats and a favourite blanket, in hope we could avoid any in air dramas. Being a mum I also brought my “handbag”, which is now an oversized nappy bag full of everything imaginable!”

Once up in the air, drama struck when Finley pinched his finger in the fold down tray; an injury requiring at the very least a band aid. “As soon as it happened and I saw the small drop of blood appear, I knew tears were only moments away, I started rustling in my bag for a bandaid and when I stumbled upon our Kiss It Better Bag my heart leaped! Within minutes we had a cartoon bandaid firmly in place, but it was the sticker and a couple of jelly beans that really calmed him down. It will be on my packing list next trip!”

The Kiss It Better Bag is the clever invention of Vanessa Williams, a First Aid trainer and mum to 2. “When I became a mother I quickly realized that when your own children are involved, dealing with injuries can be a very stressful time. That’s what inspired The Kiss It Better Bag, it is designed to help alleviate some of that stress and empower parents to regain control in those difficult situations”, says Williams.

The Kiss It Better Bag is available online at www.kissitbetterbag.com retailing at $40 plus shipping for the Wallet and $75 for a larger more comprehensive shoulder32 bag sized kit.