How Coupons can positively impact YOUR Bottom Line!

- May 23, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


The site PowerBuy IT is still fairly new, and it is growing at a massive rate. They help Australian businesses get the best possible deal on popular IT brands such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Apple and much more. They provide cash-backs and coupons on range of popular IT products.

Their deals are funded by the IT brands and they charge them a small fee for marketing their deals to you. Powerbuy market IT deals to over 100,000 Australian businesses and they give IT brands access to their community so long they give them great deals to promote to the public.

Essentially they are a bargaining group and their bargaining power is many times bigger than the largest Australian corporations. Discount coupons and cash back sites such as this are starting to trend both locally and globally at the moment, as startups look at other ways to tap into group buying power beyond the traditional daily deals concept.

Personally some of the discounts made available through this site and one’s like it, are saving hundreds of dollars of initial office setups within Australia, with discounts up to $200 off certain products and hardware, small business can use that money to purchase other needed items in the “building” stage of their business.