For those going Pinsane on Pinterest!

- May 16, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


We thought this one was a very funny look at if Pinterest was bought into the physical world, what kind of things may actually happen!


When Pinterest addiction goes a little too far.
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Written by Linda Yvette Chavez
Directed by Emily McGregor
Produced by Linda Yvette Chavez & Luis Navarro
Executive Producer – Erika Cervantes

Deborah S. Craig as Petunia
Julienne Irons as Priya
Alexa Rose as Paloma
Emily Button as Fashionista
Vanessa Mizzone as Cupcake Lover
Matthew Solomon as Father
Sadie Solomon as Daughter
Vickie Toro as Earring Gal
Sascha Alexander as Shoe Lover
Amanda Deibert as Flower Lady
Stephanie Bentley as Runner
Dove Meir as Hot Kangaroo
Japes the Cat as Cat
Burl Moseley as Priya’s Fiance

Director of Photography – Yuki Noguchi
Original Score by Chris Thomas
Edited by Kevin Lipnos
Assistant Editor – Erika Edgerley
Sound Mix by Matt Schwartz
Gaffer – Luis M. Navarro
Makeup – Rie Abe
Production Sound – Sean Oakley
Production Assistants – Vickie Toro & Kristen Bobst