Fit Us In – The Wotif of the Gym World.

- May 1, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Seems that Gyms and Hotels are more alike than we think. Startup Weekend Sydney Winner and gym game changer Fit Us In plan to tackle a big issue in today’s gym world – lack of customers at non-peak times.

You see gyms suffer from less than 50% capacity at times during the day outside of the busy mornings and evenings, what the guys at Fit Us In have done is create a way for the fitness industry to tap into another market outside of the one’s they are going for and that is the travellers market.

Over the course of Startup Weekend, the team successfully formed a partnership with Broadway Gym and received their first commissioned sale. They also began planning their strategy around partnerships, by promoting the service with Hotel Chains that do not have gyms within their own establishments.

This is a first in the fitness industry and it seems that Gyms are very open to the idea. It get’s more people in the door during time slots when they need more customers, and it gives travellers a discounted option in which to maintain their fitness whilst on holidays.