Feature: Sneaking Duck

- May 1, 2012 2 MIN READ


They have already established themselves as successful serial entrepreneurs in the online retail world of “design your own shoes”, but couldn’t resist embarking on another shoestring venture. This time, it’s all things specs.

As they witnessed Australians becoming confident online consumers, the team could not wait to bring another unique online concept to the public. The dynamic duo from Shoes of Prey has become the awesome foursome behind Sneaking Duck, an online eyewear company.

Jodie and Michael Fox, founders of Shoes of Prey joined forces with Mike Knapp and ex-Google Australia strategist Mark Capps, to bring Australians an innovative way to shop and buy prescription glasses.

The team saw an opportunity to retail fashionable and distinctive eyewear at prices that could allow fashion forward individuals to own a collection to match any outfit and mood. And it’s all done in the comfort of your home.

“Sneaking duck is about changing the way people think about glasses, from a dull medical necessity to a fashion accessory,” says Mark.

“Buying glasses should be fun, exciting and instead of owning one expensive pair of glasses till it breaks, glasses should be a fashion accessory to match your many outfits,” he added. Not even a year old, Sneaking Duck eyewear has surpassed Shoes of Prey sales.

How does it work you ask?

Customers “virtually” try from the growing range of more than 60 frames, including prescription lenses coated against reflection and scratches. Sneaking Duck integrated the seamless linking of a “virtual mirror,” where a consumer uploads their photo.

To further out-do traditional customer service and innovation, the team deploys a cyclist to delivery your favourite specs, free of charge, straight to your door for a period of five days, with no obligation to buy.

From a pricing viewpoint, your first pair will cost $180 and half price for each pair thereafter. “Instead of one mega expensive pair, you can spend potentially less with Sneaking Duck and end up with a closet of glasses,” says Jodie.

“This puts our prices well below comparable offline products and the only ‘extra’ we’ll be charging for is the ultra-thin lenses, but certainly not hundreds of dollars extra like on the high street,” says Mark.

With the global success of Shoes of Prey, the team projects a very profitable business by the end of 2012, already surpassing target sales figures.

Their key focus for the year ahead will be to source additional collections together to make sure people have “what is of the minute” eyewear.

Sneaking Duck is registered with more than 14 of Australia’s largest health funds, including Bupa, Medibank Private, HCF, NIB and more.

For more information on the list of registered health funds, visit www.sneakingduck.com.au.