Do YOU Know and Care about YOUR Superannuation?

- May 28, 2012 2 MIN READ


What kind of a life do you hope to live when you retire? Do you hope to travel? Do want to own your own home? Do you want to take up hobbies and leisure activities? Do you want to be able to take care of your loved ones and your health? Play golf? Own a boat? Start a Bed and Breakfast?

Without an adequate superannuation balance it is possible you won’t be living the retirement life you dream of.

To many people under 30, superannuation is a future related concept. It is about the money you can’t touch until you retire. It’s about a time in your life that is so far away it is usually the last thing on your mind. Retirement? Why would I think about that now when I have my life to live before I retire?

Actually, Superannuation is just as important NOW as it will be in 45 YEARS.

Why? Because if you make the wrong choices NOW, there won’t be much to live off in 45 years, goodbye holidays and hello baked beans for dinner.

There is a misconception by young people that superannuation is something they have no control over. To many it is simply something their employer sets up and contributes to, accompanied by occasional balance statements arriving in the post. It just sits there, does its thing, and annoyingly you can’t spend it till you are old and grey.

Regret Nothing has developed a FREE 6 week learning program designed to simplify super in an entertaining and engaging way.

What will the program offer?

  1. 6 weeks of easy to follow material
  2. Information that is relevant and interesting for young people
  3. Filmed interviews with financial experts
  4. 6 quirky videos following Superannuation Man and his adventures
  5. Mini quizzes and links to online resources
  6. Step by step instructions to consolidate, find missing super and set future goals
  7. A document with all program information once you’ve finished the 6 weeks

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