Daniel Priestly talks about Starting Up in the New Economy

- May 31, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Yesterday I interviewed Dan Priestly, author of the best selling book “Key Person of Influence” for Kochies Business Builders, look out for the interview in the coming weeks. He is a successful entrepreneur, international speaker and as we said best-selling author [which was achieved all before 30 btw]. Daniel started out as an entrepreneur at 21 years old and has since built several successful businesses in the UK, Australia and Singapore.

It was interesting to hear about his take on the emerging trend of self employment “Several trends are converging that give a serious upper hand to small business over big business. In the future, the big businesses that will survive will be the ones that figured out how to partner with a lot of small businesses. Highly talented people will identify themselves as entrepreneurs rather than employees. Work on demand will replace careers and people will get involved in projects as opposed to long term employment”.

In this talk [which is from a while ago] Dan talks about starting up a business in today’s new economy. If you head over to our Facebook wall you can enter a comp to grab a copy of Dan’s very Awesome book!