Aussie Snags $70,000 Piece of Apple NewsStand Pie!

- May 21, 2012 2 MIN READ


No matter where you look, it seems Apple is shaking the tree on traditional media platforms. First it was iTunes and Music, then the App Store and Software … now it’s Magazine Publishing and their latest platform – NewsStand.

It’s been reported that Apple’s NewsStand platform, released with the latest iOS update for iPad, is generating $70,000 per day, according to a study recently released by research firm Distimo, and one small boutique publisher from Australia is cashing in on the opportunity.

Pete Williams of LD Magazine says “the NewsStand platform has given us the opportunity to create an amazingly engaging magazine from our small office in Melbourne, and reach a global audience within a matter of days … traditionally magazine publishing was extremely cost prohibitive; but now with solutions like MagCast, getting your magazine into the Apple NewsStand is amazingly easy.

Apple first released its Newsstand program in October 2012 as a new feature for iOS 5 – allowing people to buy digital versions of magazines and newspapers that are optimized for the iPad and (to a lesser extent) the iPhone/iPod touch. The NewsStand is displayed as a unique folder on the iPad’s iOS home screen, meaning you users can’t easily ignore it.

Once inside NewsStand magazines, readers are given a lot more then traditional magazines.  For example, LD Magazine, (which focuses on the lifestyle design craze popularised by authors such as Tim Ferriss) include articles, high-definition video and other fully interactive web elements – making NewsStand magazines far more engaging then ever before.

The study revealed that most of the revenue generated daily is from in-app purchases from the NewsStand’s U.S. customers – an audience traditionally unreachable for publishers like Williams. The New York Times, News Corp.’s The Daily, and the New Yorker are among some of the top publications that were raking in the money initially, but with the beta release of MagCast; a platform for small magazines, like LD Mag, to produce their publications a large part of that revenue to moving towards these boutique offerings.

For more info visit http://www.LDmagazine.com

For further details on the MagCast App; see www.MagCastPlatform.com