Adsniper set to Revolutionise Mobile Advertising

- May 16, 2012 2 MIN READ


Entrepreneurs Daniel Filmer and Jarrod O’Connell are taking over the mobile space. The 2011 launch of their app TXT4Coffee was followed last month by TXT4Subway and has formed their umbrella brand Hungry Apps. The pair are currently in Silicon Valley preparing to close a round of Series A Funding to take the business to the next level.

“Hungry Apps is a revolutionary approach to a market that has no competitors in play due to our model of not clipping the ticket on either the customer or the retailer. We are providing the latest technology based around one of the fastest growing technologies being smart phones, and charging NO cost” says Filmer.

For the retailers using the service it allows them to provide a new fantastic service to their customers without them having to absorb the costs. The platform allows retailers to increase their exposure through the app, as well as increase overall efficiency due to pre-paid ordering – they are also able to put in place customer loyalty programs to attract regular customers.

So how exactly does a suite of applications that charge nothing to use their apps make money? Well that is where the new kid on the mobile advertising block Ad Sniper comes in! Filmer and O’Connell have designed a brand new Hyper Geo targeted Mobile Advertising Platform, it will initially be used within the Hungry App suite of products, with plans to have an API that will allow other mobile solutions to take advantage of the technology.

“ Basically the advertising technology we have developed will monetize the entire sales and ordering system without clipping the ticket of the retailers. Adsniper is designed to learn what advertising customers are interested in through the way they engage with ads” said Filmer.

The advertising will be integrated into full screens of the smart phone device whilst showing various things like tracking the status of the meal customers have just ordered. “This encourages a greater interaction with the advertising and over time will provide the customer with relevant ads”.

This new technology will also be beneficial for “local” advertisers as well – they will be able to provide things such as daily deals to customers based on their geographic position and demographic, esetially meaning that shop next door selling the latest must have fashion item can drive some foot traffic their way when the person is on their way back to the office, coffee in hand.

No one can doubt the amount of information that a platform such as Adsniper is going to be able to provide to advertisers and Filmer firmly believes that the technology can over time act as an advertising filter, providing customers with relevant ads and offers while advertisers can provide highly targeted advertising paying only for what the customers receive.

TXT4Coffee and TXT4Subway are available now to download on the app stores.