A Very Creepy Startup!

- May 9, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


We have all been there, we have all had those moments of genius that have woken us from a dream. They drive us to start that new cafe, build that new website or app and follow our dreams of becoming a creepy clown that scares the shit out of children for living … wait … what the frig?

Yes now parents who hate their children can hire actor Dominic Deville who has just started up a new business called Evil Party Clown – where he stalks your child for a a whole week leading up to their birthday and leaves them threatening notes and texts, all leading up to the point where he attacks them and smashes a birthday cake in their face unsuspectingly. Sounds like a real hoot – right?

However if at any point the child gets really scared or the parents become concerned, they cease the activity. Deville was stated saying “It’s all in fun and if at any point the kids get scared or their parents are concerned we stop right there. But most kids absolutely love being scared senseless,”

Yep when I was a kid the thought of a clown lurking around stalking me was on the top of my wish list too.