90’s TV Shows that taught me about Business!

- May 30, 2012 2 MIN READ


Ahh the 90’s – What an era, the time of Spice Girls, the 1996 yo yo craze and that fugly haircut I used to get where I would shave my whole head and just leave the fringe … and then style it in an upside down Nike tick – no seriously that happened.

Of course I am being completely biased here, but this time was also the home of some of the BEST television show’s that ever graced the small screen, and looking back some of these kick arse shows taught me a lot about business and helped shape ideas and strategies that I currently implement in my own business today.

So lets have a closer look at some of the lesson’s I have learnt.


When it comes to entrepreneurial spirit and risk taking, how can you go past Buffy. She had all the qualities of a great entrepreneur -she backed herself, faced her challenges head on and was great with her brand awareness among all the vampires – her “target market” knew exactly who she was and what she did. Sometimes I like to pretend I am Buffy and prance around the office with a wooden stake telling people they need to make more sales.

The Baby Sitters Club

Before you judge, I had two sisters [that never watched the show] – seriously there should be more shows like this nowadays – especially with all the talk about Women in Business not having enough role models. In this series I learnt about growth, it began with 4 founding members of the “company” known as the baby sitters club and as demand grew for their services they ended up growing to a company 10 people strong. The better your service, the more people want it – the more successful you are. Simple but something a lot of startups forget.

The Power Rangers

The original ones – I lost my love for them after when I auditioned for the new series after high school and was told I was too fat for the suit, having said that the part did end up going to Firass Dirani of Underbelly fame, who did a fine job. From the original series I learnt about team work and how in business you can use it to defeat poddy’s – I mean exceed expectations for your clients.  I also refer to “pivoting” activities within my business now as “morphin’ time”

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

When it comes to learning about the importance of mentors for your business, I learnt a lot from watching Sabrina and the relationships she had with her Aunts.  Luck would have it though that I couldn’t find myself a couple of powerful witches as mentors so I settled for a group of experienced leaders who are strong in sales, project management and media -the industries in which my business operates.