Who Run the [Incubator] World? NOT Girls

- April 27, 2012 2 MIN READ


Dear Ladies,

I don’t understand what the hell is up with the distinct lack of female driven tech startups on the Australian Incubator scene? And I feel I need to be enlightened. Last time I looked, having a vagina did not make you any less geeky, ambitious or determined to create new technologies and experiences in the world than I am. So I am wondering, after what is now the second year of Accelerator programs in this country, why are so few of you are represented in this space?

Is it because you are simply choosing a different path to go down when it comes to starting your business? Is it fear of being critiqued in a male dominated environment? Or is it just a case of not being interested in the Accelerator format? Please do tell me!

I look at our stats for Shoe String and I see that 59% of our readership are YOU – Young Women, that are into the tech scene, so it baffles me as to why I am not writing more articles and posts about you within this space … Why do I care? Because we are in DESPERATE need of a lot more future female startup mentors – and those mentors HAVE to come from this generation of female driven startup businesses – or I will be writing this letter again in 10 years time.

We need more Women in the tech Startup Scene. I have met many of you around at events that are really passionate about this space and have brilliant ideas. I’d like to see a huge crowd of women just go for it at the next Incubator pitch day and start to change what could unfortunately start to become a trend.

It’s time to jump on the tech horse and lead your fellow females into battle!


[Pic: Beyonce]