“Wake Up” a stunt by Samsung? What a Stupid PR Strategy

- April 24, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Yesterday the Apple store on George street Sydney as well as a few other Sydney locations were met with a big black bus and a bunch of protestors. The two words of branding across their black attire was simply “Wake Up” – Um ok then. I am one of those people that hate “protest” style demonstrations and stunts at the best of times, I hate them more if you are not being clear on what you are trying to achieve.

In addition to chanting idiots who according to one comment on a forum were paid $80 to run around screaming “Wake Up” for a few hours – journalists and editors across the business and tech space received black envelopes with the words “Wake Up” written across them and nothing else. Clearly it’s a PR strategy, and hopefully it is not being coordinated by someone I know because it is a serious PR Fail – Most of them took to twitter calling the envelope creepy and disturbing. Two things I am sure what ever product is trying to be sold probably doesn’t want associated with it’s name.

Then I came across this article an hour ago on Tech Crunch where they show the video of the new Samsung, what ever it is [iPhone User here] and things are starting to fall into place considering the title of the post is “Wake Up Sheeple …” We can probably hazard a guess that the stunt is from Samsung’s people.

I’m guessing there will be a follow up to explain, let’s hope they hold the stupid and add a little less creep.


Video from Blunty.tv  – He was at the store as it happened.