The World Needs You to do what You Love!

- April 23, 2012 3 MIN READ


From a young age, we were taught to go to school to get a good education, go to Uni and find a stable 9 to 5 day job. When you were young and adults used to ask “So what do you want to be when you grow up?”, how many of them conditioned you to believe that being a Doctor, Lawyer, Pharmacist, Accountant or getting a stable office job was the path to being successful? When really all you wanted to tell them that you wanted to be a dancer, an artist, a designer, a singer, a cook or follow your dream of doing something fun?

From a very young age, I already knew that I was destined to follow a path that wasn’t any of these successful professions that many parents hoped their children would pursue. There was something that kept calling out to me that there was a reason why I was placed on this Earth, a purpose that I would one day learn about.

I did well in high school and University, went onto graduate and finally landed my dream job as an IT Consultant – it was a great paying job with travel opportunities and challenging work. But I started to get this haunting feeling in my gut as if something wasn’t right when my life was already all planned out. I would go to work every day, dreading that I had to survive through another day staring at a computer and struggling to find the reason why this was supposed to be my dream job. Surely this wasn’t what living was meant to feel like.

I kept trying to ignore it and the only time when it went away was when I was baking cupcakes or dreaming about building my own cupcake store! Having a passion in life isn’t something that you consciously go out and choose, it reveals itself to you over time but you’re the only one can make the conscious decision to go and pursue it. It wasn’t as if I knew overnight that I would be an expert cupcake baker and that was how I wanted to live my life but somehow I kept being drawn to it.

One fateful day in 2009 during the GFC, I lost my job. Although I was devastated, a part of me felt free. I made that conscious decision that I would do what I loved or at least give it a try. The thing that was holding me back all that time was the fear of the unknown and letting go of being comfortable.

Being comfortable is a good yet terrible thing. There are too many what-if’s that will be unanswered and too much dreaming that will remain as dreams.

The world needs us to do what we love because the greatest impacts; change and inspiration humankind experience are through people who have had a massive love for what they do.

Imagine a world without the Steve Jobs, the Oprahs, the Tony Robbins and Richard Bransons. What a dull world we would be living in without the genius innovation and inspiration these people have shared with us. It’s not just only high profile people but the people that run that amazing restaurant because they love creating the best Mexican food, the people behind blogs that genuinely love to spread the word about fashion or food and the list goes on.

I started out because I wanted to put smiles on people’s faces with cupcakes and now I also get to tell people about my story of how I got to truly live my dream every single day. And I do so because I want to let those people know that if they are truly passionate about something that they should embrace it with every ounce of energy they have and start living because there is nothing more rewarding than this feeling. It is a lot easier to convince people that dreams can be hatched if you’re proof that it can be done and nothing is impossible.

What also excites me is that as a co-founder of League of Extraordinary Women I have been able to meet other young female entrepreneurs that are truly passionate and love what they do every single day. As much as I try to share what I have learnt creating 4 different companies in the last 18 months, these young entrepreneurs have not only become great friends but have made such a strong impact on my life today as a person as they in return, teach me so much. I cannot stress how important it is to meet other like-minded people to help you to keep growing.

If you feel as though you have been ignoring that gut feeling I was trying to describe and that there must be more to life, then I urge you to go out and consciously make a decision to embrace your passion, do what you love with all you’ve got and never look back. The journey will be worth it because if you do what you love, that’s when you’re truly living.


Sheryl Thai, Founder and Owner of Cupcake Central
Co-founder of League of Extraordinary Women