The Top 20 Aussie Startup Mentors List!

- April 23, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Over the past [almost a year now] since we launched Shoe String, I have been lucky enough to interview a lot of VERY successful people and have them share their stories of success and challenges with me to write about for the site. One of the things that has stood out in nearly EVERY interview that I have completed, is that most successful people have a mentor.

Mentors are those people that keep you on track, they are used to give you feedback, challenge you and then guide you towards successful outcomes for you and your business.

There are literally hundreds of Mentors across Australia in the Startup space – so many in fact that narrowing it down to 20 people to put in this list was actually one of the hardest editorial tasks that we have ever had to do. The people chosen we so because they represent different cross sections of the startup sector and all bring different skills and experiences to the tables.

This list is not in any order.

1. Bill Bartee

2. Bart Jellama

3. Kate Kendall

4. Chris Sharkey

5. Catherine Eibner

6. Alan Jones

7. Dean McEvoy

8. Greg Dwyer

9. Kim Chen

10.Kim Heras

11. Niki Scevak

12. Michelle Williams

13. Nikki Durkin

14. Ned Dwyer

15. Nick Holmes A Court

16.Peter Davidson

17. Mick Liubinskas

18. Phil Morle

19. Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin

20. Michael Fox