The new e-Lance for Weddings

- April 29, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


In much the same way that you would use e-lance for things that you need completed in your business, new startup Eventuate will be doing the exact same things for weddings. Brides to be will now be able to place every requirement that they have for their weddings on the one site, and suppliers can then quote making it simple and easy for the bride to choose what she needs in record time.

Over the course of Startup Weekend the founders went to the Liverpool Wedding Expo and 62 people signed up for the service before they even built the site. Eventuate uses a commission based revenue model similar to that of other seek and find supplier services.

The Wedding Industry is  a $4 Billion Dollar Industry in Australia and is $300 billion globally.  if they can integrate sharing to Pinterest as part of what they do within the website, this one is going to explode, having just been to 3 weddings in the last 6 weeks, one of the big pain points for every bride was the “running around” and “trying to find suppliers” – I think we are on to a winner.