The FRANKiE4 Founders

- April 24, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Both Caroline and Alan McCullouch know feet. Alan has over 20 years experience as a podiatrist, working in his own retail stores and listening to what customers really want out of footwear. Caroline is also a podiatrist and a physiotherapist – a rare back ground, but one that serves very well when you decide to start your own line of footwear – Frankie4

Their startup journey has been the culmination of two year intensive market research. The designs have under gone rigorous testing to insure they perform at the level they are meant to. During these processes the couple have spared no cost, making sure that their product is of the highest quality in form and function.

The FRANKiE4 designs borrows technologies from sports shoes to achieve the best levels of comfort and joint movement resistance. “We are eliminating the compromise between fashion and function” says Caroline. “Feet are a precious commodity when you’re an Olympian or elite athlete and Alan is the man that Olympic volleyballer Nat Cook and cricket legend Matthew Hayden trust to keep them a step ahead of the opposition”.

From squeezing a carbon fibre reinforcement under Hayden’s broken toe ahead of the 2007 World Cup to creating his own brand of stylish orthotic friendly shoes with podiatrist/designer wife Caroline, Alan is well and truly focused on feet. With new brand FRANKiE 4, Alan wants to make sure that everyone, not just our sporting heroes, put their best foot forward.