Startup ScriptRock makes everyone an IT Genius!

- April 4, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


In today’s technology driven world, having access to the right I.T configuration system is essential to ensure your programs are running efficiently. How many times have you come across error messages that speak a language you do not understand? And to fix it just becomes a nightmare? Alan Sharp-Paul, Michael Baukes and Leo Venegas from Script Rock are here to change that.

Script Rock automatically tests how I.T systems are configured and it can be applied to any system. Manually checking systems that can take hours and effort is no longer an option. It easily captures the configuration of applications and infrastructure using plain English templates. Script Rock has no complex programming or complex scripting. It abstracts all of that for you. All you need to know is: “Hey, is my mail working?” and it will say; yes or no and the reason why. Within seconds, you’re able to find out what is wrong within the system, and get it fixed.

“We’ve used script rock techniques through our consulting in the past with great success. This tool basically means you can fix problems 20 times faster,” says Leo. “It’s easier to use than other commercial applications or open source applications because of the logic we’ve put into extracting the technical details at a testing level,” he added.

Users simply log in, sign up and create projects that everyone in the company can see and know what steps have been taken. “Instead of writing it into Word or PowerPoint, it’s on a site where everyone can access,” says Alan. “We wanted to create something that was in plain English and can be used by anyone,” he added.

ScriptRock is part of the 2012 Startmate Class.