Startup Plans to Disrupt Business Coaching Industry

- April 30, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Online Coaching Business eFrank is a startup planning to tap into what is a half a Billion dollar business within Australia, Business Coaching. The eFrank system removes the face to face coaching element meaning that small business owners pay less money for these types of services.

The plans as they stand right now, aim to have the system completely automated from what we understand. This would mean that a business owner would answer a series of questions and then eFrank let’s them know where they should be allocating their resources within their businesses to get it back on track and have these businesses get back to a place where they want to be.

Personally I am not sure that as a small business owner if I would use a service like this, though if they get their strategic partnerships happening with influential and well respected organisations and corporates, then the scope of what they can offer to business owners will grow and make it very attractive.