Simon says Hello Melbourne Shoe String Readers!

- April 13, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Simon Walker is the cofounder and CEO of events app Taylor and is a regular fixture on the Melbourne Startup scene. Here at Shoe String it is important that those who are part of our team are more than just bloggers and writers, they have to understand the way startups work and share the likeminded – ness that startup owners have. This ensures that we get the best out of our interviews and we are always delivering relevant content.

Simon joins the team as our new Video Blogger and will be covering the Melbourne startup scene! With majority of our team being based in Sydney we are excited at finally being able to have a presence at those awesome Victorian events for startups, entrepreneurs and small business!

Over the next week we will be developing our Shoe String TV section of the website and look forward to bringing you all various video interviews, snapshots and content!

Simon can be contacted at swalker@shoestringstartups.com.au and followed on twitter at @PsymanSays