Revolutionising Couriers

- April 29, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Go Parcel is creating a virtual network of couriers, small businesses and individuals are able to use the service to post a courier job that they need – and couriers are able to get these messages and accept the job if they are close by.

This is kind of like one of Taxi App goCatch but for deliveries. The industry is a 13 billion dollar a year industry and it is growing at 3% every year. It allows couriers to make extra money on the side and for small businesses it helps save them the time and hassle of using big courier companies that never deliver on time and cost a fortune.

For every delivery goParcel take 30% and the courier gets 70% of the total job booking. One of the things that I hope to see is the company encourage couriers in the network to dock their phones near the windscreen so they can see and pick up jobs with ease, as opposed to fiddling around with it in their hands, which is a potential hazard.

Collaborative consumption just keeps on growing in Australia and this is definitely an area where it comes in handy.