New Avatar educates Diabetic Children

- April 29, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


One of the most painful things both a parent and child can go through, is the day to day struggles of juvenile diabetes.  New startup Diabetics Buddy aims to engage diabetic children and educate them on how to take care of themselves properly by integrating educational gaming into their daily routine.

Remember Tamogotchi’s ? – Well this is kind of a new take on those, except the Avatar represents the child and if the child does not follow the healthy eating etc, both them and the Avatar will become ill.

Children are rewarded for completing milestones on the app and internet based program, allowing them to go on various adventures and quests. In Australia, there are over 20,000 children living with diabetes, and over 15.4 million world wide.

By partnering with peak bodies such as Juvenile Diabetes Australia, this new startup really has the potential to scale within their niche very fast, especially if they include a social arm that gives back to the cause they are fighting for. be good to see the traction they get when this one launches!