New App “MyShout” launches across the Sydney Scene

- April 18, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


They are both young, ambitious, energetic and like nothing more than to knock back a bevvy or 5 in the afternoon. Mates Arri Khan and Myron Festejo decided to build a business around their passion and yesterday launched the application “My Shout” for iPhone.

MyShout offers users a unique social gifting experience that enables real products to be shared through the digital space. MyShout lets people down the road or even interstate shout their friends in Sydney a drink at the bar or other virtual gifts. Ideal for those birthday parties where you can’t attend due to other circumstances, as you will still be able to shout the birthday boy or girl a drink!

“It is a completely new kind of service” says co-founder Arri Khan. ” It brings to light the true beauty of social gifting. I am fortunate to live in a world where we can easily connect with each other, thanks to various forms of digital technologies available today”.

Gifts for the MyShout app are purchased through the application on your phone and are then shared on your friend’s facebook wall and these are then redeemed by using a smartphone. The business has successfully launched with 5 venues in Sydney, and are currently concentrating on building momentum in the small bar scene and helping out small businesses in Sydney.